Hot News This first-person Sonic the Hedgehog mod is utterly nauseating

Sonic shocked

Mercifully, Sonic the Hedgehog’s 3D outings have always restrained themselves to a third-person view, letting us watch the speedy critter from a comfortable distance. Now, one modder has given us a hedgehog’s-eye-view of Sonic Generations thanks to an absolutely vomit-inducing first-person mod.

Posted on Twitter over the weekend, Sonic modder Skyth does warn that the following footage is absolutely going to hurt your eyes.

Oof, that’s a rough watch. More than just zooming the camera in for a closer look, Skyth’s mod matches all of Sonic’s head motions—swaying and darting and spinning around at dizzying speeds. Even his basic jump is an absolutely stomach-churning experience. It reminds me of early attempts to bring Mirror’s Edge to VR, though this mod is mercifully restricted to regular old screens.

Skyth posted the link to download the mod in the replies, recommending that you turn off certain particle effects. They also note that, for obvious reasons, Generations’ 2D segments are a little trickier to navigate in first-person. 

Nevertheless, Skyth warns not to jump in if you’re prone to a spot of motion sickness: “I am absolutely NOT responsible for what happens to you, play at your own risk”.


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