Hot News Win a Death Stranding PC case in our giveaway over on the PC Gamer forums

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Our latest giveaway on the PC Gamer forums features the official Death Stranding PC case!

We’ve made no secret of our personal thirst over this incredible piece of hardware. Honestly, can you blame us? This imposing custom tower ticks off all the right boxes. It’s got all the design elements that set it apart from any setup but also stays true to the game’s apocalyptic theme—you can very easily see this thing being an easter egg you come across while playing.

Valued at $248 / £180, this rare case is the perfect gift for the Death Stranding PC gamer in your life. And if that’s enough, we’re throwing in a special physical edition of Death Stranding, complete with a ton of digital extras!

For your chance to win, follow the instructions over at this thread. Hurry, you’ve only got until 11:59 PM EST July 8 / 4:59 AM BST July 9  to enter!

Check out the specs for this case:

Oh, and if you haven’t played the game yet, we’ve got more good news for you. 

505 Games and Kojima Productions are trekking over to Steam to deliver an exciting discount to PC players! Hideo Kojima’s critically acclaimed and genre-defying title will be available on Steam for 60% off between June 25 to July 8. This is your chance to experience PC Gamer’s 2020 game of the year at its lowest price yet.


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