Hot News Wireless VR gaming here we come, thanks to these Prime Day Wi-Fi 6 router deals

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Wi-Fi 6 comes with new features and capabilities to solve the problem of every device ever made requiring an internet connection… what have we done. Anyways, the improvements it delivers should help keep bandwidth high and connectivity issues low for busy networks. Perhaps most importantly for gamers, Wi-Fi 6 offers the bandwidth to cope with wireless VR gaming, if that’s your thing.

Understandably, a new router may not be high up your list of must-have products, but, if you rely on a wireless connection for your gaming PC or laptop, a sturdy Wi-Fi 6 model could help keep you gaming online without interruption. You don’t need me to explain why lag sucks—you get it—but just know not all of it is always down to your ISP.

Sometimes you’ve got to up your game with a new router, especially if you’re still rocking your ISP-provided unit from half a decade ago. Routers have come on leaps and bounds since then. Wi-Fi 6 promises higher effective speeds than older specs, more so when you’re on a congested network, and Wi-Fi 6E further improves things for compatible devices with 6GHz support. 

6GHz remains a bleeding edge technology right now, and support for the frequency depends on where you are in the world, so you’ll really want to weigh up whether you need that today. Either Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 6E will serve you well for a good while yet, anyways.

And as you’ll see below, the latest in Wi-Fi technology needn’t be a death sentence for your bank account. In fact, some Wi-Fi 6 routers come in a lot cheaper than you might expect, especially with Prime Day deals and Newegg’s own Fantastech sale (that name, I know) helping them along.


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