Hot News The best Prime Day monitor deals according to PC Gamer's tech reviews guru

Best Prime Day Monitor Deals

There are two things you can rely on when it comes to Amazon Prime Day (which appears to have extended to two days, but anyway). The first is that I’ll spend a lot of time eyeing up all the whisky deals that I plan to treat myself with after Amazon Prime Day has finished (I’ve currently got a bottle of Glenlivet in my basket). The second is that I’ll spend a long time exploring the best TV and monitor deals. 

I upgraded to a 4K Samsung TV a couple of years back, and it’s still serving me well, so all good there. I still have a scout around though, to see if there are any really good replacements out there.

It’s the monitors that have caught my attention this year. I’ve been looking at what could make my screen setup better. I currently have a 4K BenQ monitor as my main screen, with a 360Hz Alienware 1080p alongside it that’s normally plugged into my test machine for game testing. I have to switch these around for testing at 4K, but I find working on a 1080p a bit too constrained for work these days. At the same time, being limited to 60Hz at 4K isn’t exactly ideal for gaming—particularly as I enjoy competitive shooters, mainly Apex Legends. 

While I’d love to do is squeeze a high-refresh 4K screen into my setup, but my bank balance won’t extend to such treasures, which means that a high-refresh 1440p panel is probably my best option. 

There are plenty of these panels to choose from, with the 165Hz Asus TUF Gaming VG27AQ rising to the top of the list simply because it is a lot of panel for £324. Importantly it also supports tilt, swivel and height adjustments, which aren’t always a given, even at this price range.

The reason I haven’t pulled the trigger yet is there are a couple of other curved options vying for my attention. The Samsung Odyssey G7 is more expensive, but very tempting, while the MSI 34-incher also looks great, although a little outside of my budget (i.e. way beyond it). The Samsung Odyssey G9 is also an absolute beast too. Decisions, decisions. 

Here are the best monitor deals we’ve spotted so far:


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