Hot News The best Prime Day deals for PC gaming under $50


Photo of a keyboard, mouse, and game controller

Amazon is in the middle of its annual Prime Day sales, which this year is running from June 21-22. As usual with these sales, it takes a bit of sifting to find the good stuff. For every discounted Logitech mouse, there are seemingly 30 baby strollers and 50 iPhone cases vying for your attention.

We’re already covering some of the best Prime Day sales for PC gaming, but not everyone is interested in a new high-end gaming monitor or graphics card. There are plenty of inexpensive items on sale that can upgrade your PC gaming setup, and this roundup highlights some of the best ones we’ve found.

Most importantly, the items we’ve listed here are actually on sale. These are not items that went up in price shortly before the Prime Day events in order to appear more tantalizing.


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