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Amazon Prime Day is in full swing, pushing through Monday and on into the supplementary Tuesday Prime Day tomorrow. We’ve been on the hunt for the best Prime Day PC gaming deals since the clock ticked past midnight, and whether you’re after a new chair, a new headset, or a whole new PC, there are offers here for you.

Because Prime Day is primarily an Amazon event, you are going to need to get yourself Prime membership to fully take advantage of the deepest discounts on Jeff Bezos’ own big shelves. Thankfully Prime Day is a lot earlier than last year, so chances are you’ll be able to bag a month-long free trial now and still be able to jump on a second free trial around Black Friday and Christmas later in the year. Y’know, for all those last minute, next-day delivery presents you always need.

And what bargains have we found for this June event? With a worldwide component shortage you’d be forgiven for thinking that Amazon Prime Day will represent slim pickings for PC gamers, but while there will definitely not be any graphics cards on offer this year (are there ever?), we’re still finding some great offers doing the rounds.

The biggest discounts relevant to us PC gamers surround gaming monitors, SSDs, and peripherals. Seriously, pretty much every Razer product in circulation is seeing some kind of discount today. So, if you want to bolster the storage in your gaming PC or just need a new mouse to play with, Prime Day has got you covered. And we’re continuing to dig out the best deals for you.


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