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how to unlock nail gun warzone special weapons

If you’re wondering how to unlock the Nail Gun in Warzone, you’ll first need to know what ‘special weapons’ are. This sharp new firearm joined the game as part of Warzone Season 4, alongside some new modes, maps, and some mysterious red doors. Keep an eye out for our upcoming Call of Duty guides for more on those.

Anyway, back to the Nail Gun. While we wait and see whether it’s viable for your next Warzone loadout, there‚Äôs something to clear up: The challenge to unlock the Nail Gun is causing some confusion. That’s because it mentions the use of Warzone special weapons, so I’m here to help you find out what these are, and how to use them so you can start turning the screw.

To get the new gun, you need 5 eliminations with special weapons in 15 different matches.

But what are special weapons? It’s much easier to find this out in Cold War, as they have their own category as a secondary weapon type. In Warzone, it’s a different story. Since most of us are playing the free battle royale game, I’ve put together a list of all the special weapons you can use to complete the challenge below.

For the benefit of Warzone players, here are the special weapons that count towards the challenge, and the categories in which you’ll find them in the menus:

The Nail Gun counts as an SMG, but naturally you won’t be able to use it until you’ve, well… unlocked it. Note that when choosing which special weapon you’re going to use, the Warzone R1 Shadowhunter and Ballistic Knife both have their own unlock requirements to satisfy, if you haven’t got those already.

Finally, it’s much easier to complete this challenge in Cold War if you have it. Just take your chosen special and take it into Multiplayer or Zombies and you’ll have this challenge nailed. If not, stick to Plunder in Warzone and you’ll get there.


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