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As it did last year, the Epic Games Store is giving away free games each week in 2021. That’s right, completely free! No strings attached, except the one tied to Epic’s storefront. 

Even if you don’t plan on playing these free offerings anytime soon, you might as well login and add them to your library if you’ve got an Epic Store account. Keep checking in here to see what’s free right now and what’s coming in the future. We’ve also listed the full history of Epic’s giveaways, so you can see what’s already been given away.

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June 17 – June 24, 2021: Hell is other demons and Overcooked! 2

Overcooked 2 is the sequel to the co-op kitchen mayhem game and it sure is as much a relationship tester as the first one. With a constantly ticking timer, you and your chef partners are in charge of constructing the perfect burger or soup made to order while wacky kitchens move and change around you. 

“This sequel adds a generous helping of new ingredients, but at its core it’s the same game: one that, for all its fantastical elements and willfully counter-intuitive working environments, captures the pressure-cooker tension of a busy restaurant kitchen,” says our 78% Overcooked 2 review.

Roguelike platformer Hell Is Other Demons is also available for free. It’s a pretty fast-paced action game with huge boss fights and colorful art style.

June 24 – July 1, 2021: Horizon Chase Turbo and Sonic Mania

Epic has been giving away free games every week for a while now, but it’s only announcing a few games ahead of time. Check back here weekly for the next games announced on offer.

Did you miss a good deal by a few days? Can’t remember if a game has been offered in the past? Worry not, here’s a complete list of previous free game offers from Epic for posterity.


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