Hot News Bloody frisbee-tosser Boomerang X flies onto Steam next month

Frisbee—it’s not just for university students anymore. Hyper-violent, super stylish disc-tosser Boomerang X is coming to Steam next month, and there’s a demo if you’d like to test your aim before throwing yourself in completely.

I’ve had my eye on Boomerang X for some time, and it’s immediately easy to see why. Developer Dang!’s blade-tossing debut is bloody gorgeous, sporting an intensely vibrant graphic style and fast, frenetic first-person arena combat. In motion, it’s beautiful—an acrylic smear of blades, blood, and giant bugs.

That boomerang is more than just a tossable murder-disc, mind. Once thrown, you can instantly slingshot towards it, darting around arenas at speeds that’d make a Titanfall veteran blush. As you descend through the game, you’ll unlock more frisbee tricks, but also uncover more of this striking world, and maybe make friends with a few millipedes along the way.

Boomerang X hits Steam on July 8th. But if that’s too long to wait, you can check out the game’s free demo right now as part of the Steam Next Fest—assuming you haven’t drowned in a sea of absolutely killer demos.


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