Hot News Apex Legends streamer grinds to top rank in a marathon 54-hour session

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I like to think I’m fairly decent at Apex, sitting comfortably as I am somewhere in Platinum. And I’m certainly not insecure about seeing one of the game’s best players blast from Bronze all the way to Apex Predator in a single, mammoth 54-hour stream this past weekend.

Starting on Saturday Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An attempted to make it all the way through Apex’s ranked ladder, alone, vowing not to sleep until he hit Apex Predator—a rank reserved for the top 750 players on each platform. That said, An did take breaks to eat, drink, or go to the bathroom, with a short reset at 48 hours (Twitch’s TOS don’t let you stream for two days straight).

For the most part, though, An played ranked Apex for over two days straight, his opponents getting harder as the tiredness set in. Getting through the early ranks is a relative breeze (and, frankly, unfair on any poor sods getting started with ranked over the weekend), but Diamond proved a slog—taking the lion’s share of the first 48-hour stream to break through.

54.5 hours and over 10 thousand new subscribers later, An finally hit Pred in the wee hours of this morning, landing at a comfortable #613. This isn’t the first time he’s pulled a few all-nighters chasing ranks, previously spending 33 hours gunning for Master back in March. But breaking through to the very top of the ladder seems to have taken almost a full day longer, and I dearly hope he’s taken a nice long nap to celebrate.

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