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Fortnite season 7 continues on with a new batch of challenges. This season seems to be following the ongoing conflict between the IO organization and…well, literally everybody else, including aliens. This week, Epic wants you to prep up for a fight by finding information at a dead drop location.

What’s a dead drop? Think Mission Impossible, where Ethan Hunt picks up a random object and inside is a file and instructions on his next job. You’re looking for a hollow tree trunk with a file on…more aliens, I guess. Look, I don’t write for Fortnite.

Fortnite only gives you a very vague suggestion of where to search, though. The dead drop is somewhere in the Weeping Woods region, but you’ll be running around for hours if you don’t know exactly where to look. So we did the hard work for you.

Read on for where to find the dead drop in Weeping Woods.

We’ve highlighted the exact location of the dead drop above. Look for the red circle. You’ll find the dead drop by the bridge leading north out of Weeping Woods. Specifically, the dead drop is at the southern end of the bridge, down the short hill, near a tree and small wooden dock.

Simply interact with the tree stump and it’ll open up, revealing a top secret file.

Thankfully, that’s it. You’ll get a nice bit of bonus XP and battle stars for the trouble.

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