Hot News The 2021 Australian PC Awards kick off next week—here's what you can win

Australian PC Awards 2021

The 2021 Australian PC Awards kick off next week, with a nightly livestream starting from 7:30PM AEDT on June 23, 24 and 25th. The APCAs celebrate the best PC hardware and components available in Australia, as voted by our expert editors across TechRadar, T3, PC PowerPlay and TechLife. If you’re keen to follow along live, you can tune in here come June 23.

Why three nights? Because there are 26 categories, ranging best graphics card through to best reseller. It’s a big event, and to celebrate it, the APCAs are giving away AU$15,254 worth of PC gear—a big chunk of it gaming centric. 

Check out the prizes:

You can read more about what’s up for grabs here.

Each episode goes live at 7:30pm AEDT at Here’s what you can expect from each broadcast:

EPISODE 1 – Wednesday June 23 @ 7:30PM AEST

Best Motherboard Maker
Best Value Motherboard
Best Premium Motherboard

Best Graphics Card Maker
Best Value Graphics Card
Best Premium Graphics Card

EPISODE 2 – Thursday June 24 @ 7:30PM AEST

Best Value CPU
Best Premium CPU

Best Internal Storage Maker
Best External Storage Maker
Best SOHO or Home NAS

Best Value Laptop or 2-in-1
Best Premium Laptop or 2-in-1
Best Gaming Laptop
Best Desktop PC Maker

EPISODE 3 – Thursday June 25 @ 7:30PM AEDT

Best Memory Maker
Best Cooling Product
Best Monitor
Best Keyboard
Best Mouse
Best Gaming Headset
Best PC Case
Best Router

Best Reseller


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